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Are you Living from your Heart? Did you know that your heart sends out more energy than your brain to connect with people. Creating the life of your dreams requires your Mind and your Heart and most of all your commitment to yourself. This is where you need a coach!

Aloha, my name is Kat Mierswa and I am a Money Expert. Women and Men hire me to transform their relationship with money because most are fearful, confused and reluctant to take financial risks. So I coach them to  review their beliefs about money, create a viable Wealth Mindset then learn strategies to leverage, invest and increase their capital and cashflow. Bottom line you will find the prosperous and abundant life of your dreams.

If you want to be a thousandaire, go for it, how about a millionaire? Well that can work as well, being prosperous is more about know the source and flow as well as  the Dollars and cents of your Balance sheet, your investment sheet and your leverage page!



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More Optimism Mean Less Stress

It’s a scientifically proven fact that those who see the world in a “glass half full” kind of way live longer and experience less stress. Doctors claim that a big majority of all their office calls are for chronic stress-related health woes, so it makes sense that if you see the world with a better […]

3 Tips to Generating Your Own Dash Story

Thanks to computers and the Internet, it’s easier than ever to build a name for yourself and create your own success story. You don’t have to be famous to become a success and enjoy all the material things that success brings to your life. You simply need to know how to outline and then generate […]

Financial Risks: Things you need to know

Risk taking is the staple of entrepreneurship. And it should be; you don’t become rich by “playing safe.” A good example – though a bit extreme – would be Steve Jobs. He loved to “bet his company” on something new. Be it the iPod or the iPad. And that’s what made Apple what it is. […]

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Kat has more experience is helping others create more Wealth, I love her Wealth Medication Audios and I highly recommend getting a “Your Money Future” Reading – those cards are perfect!

Arlene Hirata

Kat and her non-profit helps support poor children in Bali, she has been coming to our Hotel Saren Indah for more than 20 years, she is like part of our family!

Ary , Cyntia & Wayan Saren